Clarinet Summer School Reviews


"The clarinet summer school this year was AMAZING. An experience of a lifetime. Great organisation so everything ran smoothly. Lovely venue with lots of practice rooms and good food. Fabulous teachers - Juliet and John. I have learnt so much it will take a year for it all to soak in. And a wonderful group of clarinet players. Learned loads and made many new friends, and I got my rattle mended on the spot - thanks Tom ! Fabulous last night concert too - never heard clarinet and saxophone choirs and ensembles of such high quality. I thoroughly recommend it and will be back next year for sure!!!!!!!!!" M. Clark 2015

I thought I’d put together a short summary of the course to give you an idea of what to expect.  After registering early on Sunday afternoon, the clarinet and saxophone course participants are introduced to their respective tutors before splitting into the two instrument groups.  The clarinets move over to their base for the duration, in the prep school for a quick round of introductions and then onto some clarinet choir playing.  The day is continued after coffee with small ensemble sessions and some more clarinet choir playing in the evening, before continuing the course in the Old Bell (the local pub for those eligible to join).
Each day follows a pattern of large ensemble and small ensemble (4tets or 5tets) playing interspersed with a masterclass and technique sessions led by the different tutors.  These are generally tailored to the requirements of the course participants and we have the use of the amazing John Alley on the piano for the masterclasses.  There are also opportunities to have individual lessons with the tutors a various points throughout the course.
One of the highlights of the week is the tutor concert on the Tuesday night.  Here we make our way down to the Wesley Chapel in the centre of Harrogate to listen to all of the tutors on the flute, clarinet and saxophone courses playing a wide selection of repertoire.  Not often do you get the opportunity to hear so many top class players in one concert.  Definitely an evening not to be missed.
Wednesday night also sees the courses join together to listen to the saxophone players and rhythm section showcase their work for the day in an evening of jazz, followed by more pizza than you have ever seen before…
The final day of the course focuses on rehearsals for the evening concert which features all of the participants of the courses.  Each small ensemble has the chance to play, as well as the main clarinet choir comprising all of the delegates.  After a final round of thanks, the course is finished and hopefully plans are made to return again for a brilliant week of music making.